5 presidents warned Americans about the deep state

THE DEEP STATE EXPLAINED Our country was hi-jacked in 1956 and probably even before that. A few people have gotten into power and they have the power to keep the President and Congress out of the loop. The deep state is unconstitutional, criminal, and mostly unelected. The deep state is embedded in our intelligence agencies, government, multi-national … Read more5 presidents warned Americans about the deep state

The yellow vest activists – what you’re not being told

The French government admitted Sunday its security measures had been “insufficient” to stem an arson and looting rampage by black-clad anarchists during a “yellow vest” protest. Chaos broke out Saturday when groups of so-called “black bloc” protesters swarmed the Champs-Elysees https://www.france24.com/en/20190318-france-govt-admits-security-flaws-yellow-vest-riots-paris Agent provocateur