Project Runway TV show six months BEFORE the pandemic – KOVID model with a mask

The internet had a meltdown on Monday (30 November) over a recently unearthed clip from the 17th season of Project Runway, which appears to have โ€“ however accidentally โ€“ predicted the Covid-19 pandemic.

On season 17 of the fashion design show, which aired in 2019, a designer named Kevin Kapoor participated in a “Head To Toe” challenge, which asked contestants to create a printed design look that covers the model’s entire body.

Kapoor’s design ended up being a red plaid suit with an accompanying face mask, which, of course, wouldn’t be out of place in 2020. (Even more hilarious, the judges deemed the look โ€œsick.โ€)

Taken together, Kovid’s name (a Sanskrit word meaning “intelligent” or “poet”) and design strangely foreshadows future events.

Kapoor hasn’t responded to requests for comment, but he did tweet a couple of laugh-cry emojis to indicate how funny he finds the coincidence.