Wildfires: Cal Fire, Newsom, mainstream media, PG&E – You’ve got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do

Hundreds of California’s wildfires are set on purpose | KALW

Wildland arson makes up the majority of fire starts in some parts of the United States and is the second leading cause of fires on Eastern United States Federal forests. – USDA Forest Service

Publishers Note: Cal Fire transparency – I cannot find the names and contact addresses of Cal Fire investigators or detectives. I can find no one page listing the causes of fires on CF’s website. There is no listing of ‘investigators names’ for each fire or ‘proof’ provided to the public on the causes.

Despite overwhelming evidence, mainstream media, Gov. Newsom and Cal Fire will not utter the words, ‘wildfire terrorism’

Wildfires: Mainstream media’s climate change, spark from a flat tire, lightning agenda – completely ignores arsonists, PG&E, and arson terrorism

Wildfire Terrorism

ISIS encouraging followers to set wildfires in forests, fields of US, Europe | Fox News

20th-century firefighting in the 21st century

Los Angeles County’s largest fire, the Station Fire in 2009 – ARSON – LA Times

Cal Fire gives no ’cause of fire’ info on the 396,000 acre SCU Lightning Complex wildfires on its website

CA largest 471,185 acres August Complex Fire – – origins next to a road – multi unknown origin points – updating

The CA Apple wildfire was a Cal Fire arson investigation yesterday – today it’s a car malfunction

Mainstream media is reporting the 375,000 acre CA LNU wildfire was caused by lightning – CalFire says it’s under investigation

CA #northcomplex fire started on August 17th – ‘allowed to burn’ – now at 41,000 acres on 9.8.2020 – alleged lightning strike

#CZULightningComplex Fire started on “Aug. 16” in “five” separate locations – “burning for 23 days” – all alleged lightning

The PG&E wildfire and deliberate power outage scandal

Video Raises Questions About Cause of 2017 Tubbs Fire – NBC Bay Area

23,890 acre #bobcatfire started on 9.6.2020 near human activity – no cause given

63,000 acre SQF Complex Fire burning for 10 days now – origins near human activity

Chief ousted in cheating scandal vents about Cal Fire’s ‘secret police’

Indications the CA #CreekFire could be arson?

Cal Fire scandal widens to prostitution, unwanted sexual advances

120,000 acres CA #Slaterfire – origins near a road – start date 9.8 – 0% containment – updating

Cal Fire Homepage