2020 Santa Rosa, CA wildfire investigation – #ShadyFire #GlassFire #BoysenFire






Two additional fires, the #ShadyFire, and the #BoysenFire started overnight 15 hours after the Glassfire and then merged with it. The wildfire is officially now called the Glass Fire The Shady Fire is the one that entered Santa Rosa, CA. Calfire’s Glass Fire page doesn’t mention the 3 fires merging

Cal Fire usually posts all wildfires but the Shady and Boysen fires are not listed on their website.

The Glass Fire started near human activity

Fire officials don’t know what started the Shady and Boysen fires
Investigators appeared to have focused on a rural, unnamed gated property where the fire broke out at 3:48 a.m. Officially, Cal Fire lists the 200 block of North Fork Crystal Springs Road as the origin of the Glass fire. A private security guard stood at the gate to the property Thursday. The utility has filed no incident reports related to the Glass fire, Contreras said. The neighborhood is full of rumors about how the fire started.

The Glassfire starts out as an “N” – separates into 2 fires – Watch how the fire suddenly “dog legs” to the Northwest