DOJ labels New York, Portland and Seattle as ‘anarchy’ jurisdictions – CNN

Washington (CNN)The Justice Department on Monday labeled three cities “anarchy” jurisdictions — New York, Seattle and Portland, Oregon — on orders from President Donald Trump, making good on the President’s threat to withhold federal aid in response to prolonged civil unrest in those areas.

The Democratic leaders in those cities have largely opposed federal intervention despite some rising crime rates, citing a desire to not escalate tensions.
The announcement is overtly political and is certain to trigger legal challenges. Trump has frequently touted himself as the “law and order” candidate as he seeks reelection in the wake of the summer’s demonstrations over racial justice, even though the overwhelming majority of the protests have been peaceful.
It’s also notable that cities located in Wisconsin or Minnesota — which have seen unrest this summer but are considered competitive in the presidential election — are included.

Source: Justice Department labels New York, Portland and Seattle as ‘anarchy’ jurisdictions – CNNPolitics