The real reason for the pandemic

Greg Ericson
The Future Of News


The global ‘powers that be’ (TPTB) have pushed the reset button. Who are TPTB? Generally speaking, it’s the bankers, the multi-national corporations, and the military-industrial complex. They use mainstream media to push their agenda.

They may have intentionally released the virus and certainly allowed it to spread worldwide. All you have to do is read my website – I have tons of sourced info indicating what I’m telling you is true.

With one swoop, TPTB have destroyed small business and the multi-national corporations are in total control and benefits from the pandemic and lockdowns. The 1% benefits greatly.

Besides economic control, they have hit the reset button to gain more control of civilians worldwide. They put the entire world in lockdown. Much of it done with the military which is global de facto martial law. The pandemic lockdowns cause loss of rights and freedoms, economic uncertainty, food shortages, social unrest, snitches, curfews, mass unemployment, civilians traumatized, draconian laws, travel bans, small business plunges, checkpoints.

I believe we might be seeing the rise of universal-basic income. It’s free money but it makes us more dependent on our corrupt governments.

To top it off, they have you suffocating on your own mask. – breathing in C02 all day.

This is a very simple explanation. I may elaborate in the future.