Despite draconian lockdown, face masks in public mandatory, Spain is again a world hotspot for C19.


Nearly 29,000 people have died because of the virus, one of the world’s highest tolls.

Spanish authorities argue the rise in confirmed cases is partly because the country has ramped up testing.

Spain has tested more than 5.3 million people, or around 11.5 percent of its population, since the start of the pandemic.

But many of its main neighbours have an even higher testing rate — Germany has tested 12.2 percent of its population, Italy 12.8 percent and Britain 22.1 percent.

Some have suggested that social norms that stress physical contact and encourage families to live in larger, multi-generational households have encouraged contagion in Spain.

But these norms are also prevalent in Italy, which has a far lower virus growth rate.

So why has the pandemic worsened in Spain? Experts say a backlash against the strict lockdown which began in mid-March and was only fully lifted on June 21 is partly to blame.

Source: Why is Spain once again on the frontline of the pandemic?