Berlin protesters say lockdown restrictions are “anti-freedom”

The protesters, who say Germany’s restrictions are “anti-freedom”, did not observe social distancing.

Thousands of people have marched through the German capital Berlin in protest at coronavirus restrictions.

Police imposed mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing – and by midday ordered demonstrators to disperse for flouting the order.

The rally was mostly peaceful, but police later made “numerous arrests”.

City authorities had tried to stop the march from going ahead, fearing safety measures would be ignored, but a court overturned the ban.

About 18,000 people took part in Saturday’s march, police said.

Although Germany has so far not seen the wave of cases affecting some parts of Europe, its infection rate has been growing. New case numbers are reaching highs last seen in April.

Source: Germany coronavirus: ‘Anti-corona’ protest in Berlin draws thousands – BBC News