Anti-lockdown, coronavirus protesters storm the Reichstag in Germany

FURIOUS protesters tried to storm the historic Reichstag, the German parliament building, as chaos erupted at ‘anti-coronavirus’ protests across European capitals.

Similar protests also erupted across European capitals in London, Paris and Zurich, although these rallies were smaller in size.

Dramatic footage from the rally in Berlin showed hundreds of protesters run past police and up the stairs of the historic Reichstag building.

However, the police intercepted the protesters before they were able to enter the actual parliament.

Berlin police later said stones and bottles were thrown by the protesters during the confrontation.

Some of those in social media footage can be seen waving the flag of the German Reich of 1871-1918 and other symbols of the far-right.

Germany’s top security official condemned the incident, as the interior minister, Horst Seehofer said: “The Reichstag building is the workplace of our parliament and therefore the symbolic centre of our liberal democracy.

“It’s unbearable that vandals and extremists should misuse it.”

Police in the German capital broke up the mass protest several hours after it started, after demonstrators failed to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Berlin police later confirmed they had detained around 300 people during the rally.

City authorities had initially tried to stop the march from going ahead, citing fears that safety measures would be ignored.

The ban sparked outrage from organisers who vowed to protest anyway, with some even calling for violence.