20th-century firefighting in the 21st century


I’ve lived in California for 8 years now and combating wildfires here is unbelievable.

The most important key to fighting wildfires is a fast response time. I’ve watched over and over wildfires get out of control because of a slow response. The Walbridge fire is currently right next to me and that’s exactly what happened.

Let me be clear, it’s not the firefighter’s fault – it’s the fault of CA Governor Newsom, who is and was not prepared for these wildfires.

California’s lack of equipment is nothing short of a joke. CA has no 747 aircraft – none! We should have 10-20 of them. The key in the 21st century is the air attack. We need large aircraft that can land in lakes. Helicopters dropping water is like using a thimble to put out a campfire. The Walbridge fire is right next to Lake Sonoma, but the lake is barely being used. Aircraft make one pass and have to fly to Sacramento to get more retardant/water. That takes a lot of time.

Many wildfires burn a month or longer. They start at 5 acres quickly grow to 500,000 acres – There’s no excuse for letting a wildfire burn for a month
Extinguishing a wildfire ‘within an hour’

Fires are allowed to burn at night – virtually no air attack at night. We can precision bomb a country into oblivion at night but we can’t put out a wildfire? We wouldn’t need night operations if there was a fast response time to put out the wildfire while it’s small.

Space satellites can detect a wildfire almost after it starts. Satellites can read a person’s tattoo from space! MSM tells us their putting up mountain cams when it can all be monitored from space.

The future of firefighting is from the air and space. There’s no reason to work firefighters to death. The future is fast response, putting arsonists in prison, and much more aircraft and equipment. The money is there – you just have to get it from the politician’s greedy little hands. Remember the $5 billion dollar bullet train failure?

Governor Newsom and lawmakers are clearly not prepared and should be held responsible. I’ve watched it for 8 years now.

These wildfires are 100% preventable – now ask yourself, why isn’t it happening?

Extinguishing a wildfire ‘within an hour’

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