The authorities and mainstream media want you to believe they can’t figure out who Ghislaine Maxwell is ‘married’ to

GHISLAINE Maxwell is secretly MARRIED but won’t reveal who to, say American prosecutors.

Evidence however points to this secret husband possibly being tech company CEO Scott Borgerson, 43, who has previously been linked to Maxwell.

Borgerson, the boss of CargoMetrics, who is believed to be worth $100million, is also linked to the $1million New Hampshire mansion where Maxwell was snared by the FBI.

He is a former US Coast Guard commanding office and the pair are claimed the pair met at an ocean preservation conference.

The court heard how Maxwell is claimed to have purchased her bolthole with a ex-military man named “Scott”.

Both “Scott” and Ghislaine – going by the name “Jen” – also used the same surname “Marshall”.

He has always denied their relationship, saying they are just old friends.

It has previously alleged that the British socialite had  “stolen” the CEO from his ex-wife in 2013.

The anonymous marriage was disclosed by US Attorney Alison Moe, one of three prosecutors on the case, at Tuesday’s detention hearing.

Maxwell is then said to have been in a relationship with Ted Waitt, 57, the founder of Gateway computers, until at least late 2010.

Source: Ghislaine Maxwell is secretly MARRIED to a mystery ‘spouse’ but won’t reveal their identity, prosecutors say