Joe Biden’s brother owned part of an island 9 miles from Epstein island

After the land deal, Joe Biden vacationed elsewhere on the tiny island, which once protected a nearby submarine base before it became a tropical getaway, on at least three occasions.

Water Island is a 500-acre spit of land in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Department of Defense purchased the island from a Danish company during World War II, using it to protect a submarine base on nearby St. Thomas. Since then, it has become an under-the-radar tropical getaway dotted with several-dozen homes, where the largest beachfront estates can fetch north of a million dollars.

In May 2005, James Biden and his wife, Sara, purchased a one-acre plot of land in the middle of the island, according to property records. Tax records describe the view from the property as “excellent.” The price: $150,000.

Biden-Tied Lobbyist Bought Island Property from Biden’s Brother, Gave Him Mortgage Loan

Water Island: Shipwreck has hosted famous guests who value privacy, like actors Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Vice President Joe Biden (with his family and entourage) spent a Christmas week with us, as did a US Senator, Governor, and the head of a labor union. We offer 3 acres, 1,000′ of shoreline, swim on site, a dock, and a shipwreck in front. This West Indian vernacular cottage is the guest house to a 2 bedroom home near by.

During World War II, Water Island served as an Army base to protect a submarine base on St. Thomas. Then the Army’s Chemical Warfare Division used the island as a laboratory for poisonous gas and chemical agents.