The authorities allowed an alleged child-molester, Jean-Luc Brunel, to visit Epstein 67 times in jail according to prison logs

Jean-Luc Brunel and Ghislaine Maxwell – Daily Mail

Brunel visited Epstein in jail 67 times, according to prison logs, and appears repeatedly in publicly disclosed flight logs from Epstein’s private jet. Epstein, a 62-year-old former investment banker and hedge fund boss, is now based on his private island in the US Virgin Islands. The Guardian

The model scout says he launched the careers of models such as Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington and Jerry Hall. A CBS 60 Minutes documentary aired before the scandal surrounding Epstein accused Brunel of sexually exploiting young women. He denied the allegations.

Roberts alleged in her filing that Brunel abused his professional reputation. He “would offer the girls ‘modeling’ jobs”, said the filing to a federal court in Florida. “Many of the girls came from poor countries or impoverished backgrounds, and he lured them in with a promise of making good money.”The Guardian made repeated attempts to contact Brunel last month to give him the opportunity to comment on the allegations, but he did not respond. His statement on Friday, which was distributed by a French public relations firm, broke years of silence on the subject.“I strongly deny having participated, neither directly nor indirectly, in the actions Mr Jeffrey Epstein is being accused of,” he said. “I strongly deny having committed any illicit act or any wrongdoing in the course of my work as a scouter or model agencies manager.”

French Modeling tycoon Jean-Luc Brunel might be procuring ‘two 8-year-old girls’ for Epstein to sexually abuse’ – Daily Mail