Ghislaine Maxwell’s rumored husband had several military-intelligence friends

Borgerson said that he had “blanketed” his $2.4 million Manchester-by-the-Sea mansion with surveillance cameras — and had “several military/intelligence friends” protecting the property, the report said.

In one email, he mentioned that he was taking his family on vacation to New Hampshire, the report said — the state where Epstein’s accused madam was arrested in a $1 million hideaway earlier this month.

Borgerson — the son of a retired sheriff — first contacted Manchester-by-the-Sea police chief Todd Fitzgerald on August 18 to ask about his “rights” if any journalists knocked on his door, the Mail said.“What I would like to do is to detain them and call [the police] once the subject is ‘secured,’” he reportedly told the chief.

Source: Ghislaine Maxwell’s rumored husband threatened to use force on intruders: report