How ‘corporate’ mainstream media (MSM) lies and manipulates you


MSM wants you to believe they are a free press – MSM is a corporate ‘owned’ press with an agenda.

MSM demonizes anyone who questions their ‘official narrative’ and calls them conspiracy theorists. – The CIA coined the phrase

But, mainstream media didn’t tell me the lockdowns were martial law

These people are not anti-government – they are anti-corrupt government. MSM demonizes all citizen activists as anti-government thugs.
There’s a big difference between peaceful activists vs. rioters and agent provocateurs

Sway your minds with phony polls. The only way to know what America thinks is to knock on every door and ask them.

MSM 24/7 ringing of the ‘division bell’. Democrat-Republican = divide and conquer

MSM promotion of racism. 24/7 of a white did this, a Hispanic did this, a black did this – why not just call a man a man?

MSM using celebrities to sway the people’s minds

Wildfires: Mainstream media tells you the wildfires are due to ‘climate change’ – They ignore arsonists, incompetence, power companies, and terrorism