2019 Highlands Ranch, CO school shooting coverage

20 years of mass shootings that were preventable

Judge to keep most court records and reports secret.

Colorado criminal cases remain hidden despite assurances to make them public

Douglas County District Judge Seals Entire Case File of Teens Accused of STEM School Shooting

Supreme Court corruption: The public enjoys no presumptive right, under the federal or state constitution, to inspect records on file in courts of law. Trial judges have been given essentially unfettered “discretion” to seal their court files. And, (with our State Supreme Court’s blessing), they don’t need to articulate any reason beyond “there are countervailing considerations” to justify their denying the public’s ability to monitor the conduct of judges, prosecutors and other officers of the court.

Colorado school shooting: Student Michael Schwartz says suspect would “hint” about committing act

Colorado school shooting: Student says suspect would "hint" about causing harm

Michael Schwartz – 2:10

District urged school to investigate concerns it could become the next ‘Columbine’ months before Tuesday’s fatal shooting

Suspected Colorado STEM shooter made jokes about school shootings, students say


Stem shooter joked about shooting up the school


Colorado school shooter identifies as ‘devonkillz’ on Snapchat

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock says shooters got deep inside the school and engaged students in two separate locations

One shooter, targeted the middle school section

Threatening text added to Wikipedia 8 days before STEM school shooting

Infighting between law enforcement and the school results in no armed resource officer prior to the shooting

The shooting lasted 14 minutes

Conflicting reports

Armed security guard stopped one of the shooters

Guard at Colorado school shooting may have shot at deputies, wounded student


Judge keeping the documents secret.

Very little critical info on shooters’ parents’ background.

There were many warnings.

The school had 20 years to be ready. – They were not ready.

No cell phone footage.

Where’s the surveillance footage?

MSM doing almost NO investigating.

Why was the entrance covered up? (see photo above)

Why is the security guard identity not revealed?

Highland Ranch students walk out of vigil and vent anger at politicians and mainstream media

STEM students walk out of vigil, angry that the event was too political

Highland Ranch students walk out on politicians and mainstream media

The father of the younger shooter in Colorado is a serial felon – No word on the mother

The mother of 18-year-old alleged shooter Devon Erickson suffered significant mental health challenges just days before the shooting

Why does the sheriff give the press conference when the FBI is in charge? The FBI has the power to keep information from state, county, and local law enforcement.

Press conference on shooting at Colorado STEM high school

Why are high ranking investigators not identifying themselves?

Mainstream media cuts off student witness

Mother of students at STEM School Highlands Ranch speaks amid shooting

Police scanner

Police Audio | STEM School Highlands Ranch | School Shooting | Highlands Ranch CO

Full meeting with parents – Douglas county schools had over 20 years to be ready! – Why is no one angry at this??

Douglas County Commissioners - Special Work Session - School Safety

Watch parents speak at the first school board meeting since the shooting – 2:08:37

May 14, 2019 BOE Meeting

There are many people who believe some mass shootings are an ILLEGAL deep state operation to usher in gun control and disarm all civilians. Many believe they are one part of a plan to destabilize America and throw us into chaos. I’m not saying this is true – I’m saying according to my sourced website this is a real possibility.

20 years of mass shootings that were preventable
Mass Shootings Explained
Manchurian candidate explained
5 presidents warned Americans about the deep state
Whoever controls the crime scene – controls the narrative

Mainstream media is very aware of what a Manchurian Candidate is as in the video below


2019 Highlands Ranch, CO school shooting coverage