The only thing you need to know – who is causing the global and national chaos?

The biggest lie on earth. Terrorism is not coming from ISIS, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Hamas, Taliban, Al-Queda, Hitler, mass shootings, civil unrest, etc. Terrorism comes from ‘the powers that be.’ (TPTB) These people work for TPTB. (Please read below) In order to fool the masses, one needs a bogeyman. So TPTB invents a bogeyman out of thin air. Mainstream media is very aware this is true but they continue to place the blame on the invented bogeymen.

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

Meet the powers that be: aka global deep state, 1%, the swamp, the establishment, shadow government, military-industrial complex, the elite, mainstream media, the globalists, secret government, globalization, etc.

5 presidents have warned Americans about the deep state

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Trump: 'Clinton Created ISIS with Obama'

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We created Islamic extremism

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Indonesian rallies were coordinated to cause chaos, says president’s chief of staff

Saddam & Rumsfeld Shaking Hands

Saddam & Rumsfeld Shaking Hands 1983, Decmember 20