There’s something not right about the California wildfires

There’s something not right about the California wildfires


PG&E planned bankruptcy months before the campfire – MN

PG&E Emailed Woman About Sparking Problems Day Before Fire – NBC

Tubbs Fire: Homeowner Equipment — Not PG&E — Caused Deadly Wine Country Wildfire, Cal Fire says right as PG&E declares bankruptcyKTLA

California: The only state in the nation where power companies start wildfires and turn off customers power because of high winds and drought, where there’s no wildfire present.

All the other states have power companies, high winds, and drought, yet everything is working fine for them!

Expect to see it spread to other states soon to establish the new normal – insanity $$$$

PG&E: Convicted felon and serial arsonist. SFC  ABC

PG&E started 2,000 fires – LAT

PG&E Sparked at Least 1,500 California Fires. – WSJ

PG&Es turning off peoples power means they will have no way of knowing if a wildfire is coming! Cell phone alerts failed in both Santa Rosa and Paradise.

Butte county board emergency alert failuresBC

Camp Fire: Paradise residents say they received no mass cellphone alerts to evacuate or to warn of fires – MN

Many Camp Fire victims didn’t get emergency alerts. Those who did got them too late. – CNN

The State of California is involved because Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, CA legislature, and CPUC must have known about the serial arson dating back to 1994.

Who benefits from the wildfires? – PG&E, bankers, multi-national corporations, mega-contractors, defaulting insurance companies, and government?

PG&E settles California fire claims with local governments for $1 billion

PG&E Lines Up $5.5 Billion from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Barclays Plc and Citigroup Inc.  – Bloomberg

PG&E CEO/President – Geisha Williams

PG&E Corp PGC.N Chief Executive Geisha Williams has stepped down – REUTERS

PG&E’s former CEO to walk away with $2.5 million after wildfires – SFGATE

PG&E falsified records for years – CNN

PG&E Board of Directors Gives Executive $75K Pay RaiseNBC

PG&E didn’t shut off power off to Paradise. – SFC

PG&E Corporation Directors – PGE

PG&E spokesman Matt Nauman confirmed that Hogan, Dasso and Lemler are leaving this month. He provided no further comment and said the executives were not available for interviews. – HC

PG&E unnamed executive departures – SFC

PG&E’s electricity chief jumps ship – PG&E will not disclose if he gets a pension – MN

In July 2018, the utility announced that Nick Stavropoulos, its president and chief operating officer, would retire at the end of September. – SFC

Former governor Jerry Brown must have known about the serial wildfires?

Probe into Brown’s ties to PG&E and CPUC – MN

California lawmakers traveled to Hawaii with PG&E utility executives as wildfires raged – FOX

San Diego energy giant’s close ties to Gov. Jerry Brown –SUT

Gavin Newsom must have known about the serial wildfires?

Almost all PG&E’s top executives gave to Gavin Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign. – BLOOMBERG

Newsom agreed PG&E hasn’t been a “trusted actor” – AP

High Society Money Got Newsom to High Places – SFW

PG&E declined to comment specifically on its relationship with Newsom – BB

CA Legislature covering for PG&E?

As Fires Ravaged California, Utilities Lobbied Lawmakers for Protection – NYT

CA Legislature passes a bill to protect PG&E from wildfire damage suits – SFC

California lawmakers traveled to Hawaii with PG&E utility executives as wildfires raged – FOX

CPUC covering for PG&E?

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to allow PG&E to borrow up to $6 billion bailoutABC

Another villain in the PG&E tale – California PUC – SFC

A scandal-plagued state agency – SFC

The District Attorney covering for PG&E?

PG&E could face murder charges for California wildfires – PD

PG&E won’t face criminal charges for 17 wildfires that killed 13 people in California. – PD

Judge to approve bonuses to PG&E workers


Judge Denies Ratepayers’ Bid for Representation in PG&E Bankruptcy

Judge proposes to cut off power during certain wind conditions regardless of the inconvenience to customers – WSB

17 wildfires in 2017 were because of faulty PG&E equipment and violated state law. It happened in 1994, 1999, 2004, 2008, and 2015.


Trauner Fire: 1994

PG&E was convicted of 739 counts of criminal negligence for failing to trim trees near its power lines. The untrimmed trees were said to be the main reason for the Trauner Fire. This resulted in $2 million in fines. The fire started in August 1994 and burned a dozen homes, a school in a small Nevada County town.

Substation Electrical Fires of 1996 and 2003

California Public Utilities Commission said PG&E could have avoided the 2003 fire had they improved their safety measures an investigator suggested after the near-identical fire of 1996. The fire caused a power outage to more than 100,000 customers throughout San Francisco on one of the busiest holiday shopping days.

PG&E paid out settlements of around $530 million for the 2003 Substation Fire to the state of California, CPUC and the San Francisco Utility Commission.

Pendola Fire: 1999

PG&E settled a case against the U.S. Forest Service for $14.75 million. The Pendola Fire began Oct. 16, 1999, and burned nearly 12,000 acres of the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests over 11 days. The fire was blamed on poor vegetation management and inspection programs.

Sims Fire and Fred’s Fire: 2004

PG&E and two of its subcontractors, Western Environmental Consultants and Davey Tree Expert Co., settled federal lawsuits which blamed them for the Sims and Fred’s Fires, each burning more than 4,000 acres of federal forest land. PG&E agreed to pay $6.1 million of the $29.5 million settlement. 

The fires were blamed on trees falling on the company’s power lines. The Sims Fire started in July and the Fred’s Fire started in October of 2004.

San Francisco Electrical Fire: 2005

An underground, PG&E equipment failure caused an explosion, resulting in fire shooting up through a San Francisco sidewalk, burning Lisa Nash on over 40 percent of her body. 

Rancho Cordova Gas Explosion: 2008

PG&E was found to have installed an incorrect pipe during a 2006 repair, which resulted in the 2008 explosion, killing one person and injuring five others on Christmas Eve. PG&E paid a $38 million fine, as well as an undisclosed, out-of-court settlement to the family. 

San Francisco Electrical Explosion: 2009

PG&E’s investigation concluded the underground fire and electrical explosion of June 2009 was due to a faulty power line from the 1920’s. This incident resulted in power outages to over 8,000 customers until flames were put out.

San Bruno Pipeline Explosion: 2010

The San Bruno Pipeline Explosion resulted in the death of eight people with 12 others injured. In 2017, PG&E was sentenced to five years probation, $3 million in fines and community service.

The company was also fined by the CPUC for $1.6 billion. They agreed to pay settlements to victims of the explosion for around $565 million.

Carmel Gas Explosion: 2014

The city of Carmel and PG&E reached an out-of-court settlement agreement in 2017 after a gas explosion destroyed a home three years earlier. The company agreed to pay $1.6 million to the city, $25,000 to Friends of Carmel Forest and provide maps of gas lines to the city. The company also agreed to increase safety measures, including carrying devices to close gas leaks.

CPUC also issued a fine of $37.5 million to the company.

Butte Fire: 2015

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, a downed tree made contact with a PG&E electrical wire, sparking the Butte Fire, which burned over 70,000 acres, destroyed 365 homes, and killed two people. A Sacramento judge determined PG&E was at fault and was fined around $8 million by the CPUC.

Source: ABC News

PG&E shares jump 12% after Citi upgrades, says the stock could double despite bankruptcy – CNBC

Rothschild vice chairman resigns from PG&E board – Reuters

PG&E goes bankrupt and its stock rises 16%. – Barron’s

Baupost Bought PG&E Before California Fires Hammered the Stock – Bloomberg

San Francisco utility giant PG&E sold the $200 million bond in August to insure against liability from future infernos. Three months later the Camp Fire in Northern California burned more than 18,800 structures and killed at least 85 people. – WSJ

PG&E Proposes Nearly $2 Billion in Rate Hikes – KTLA

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to allow PG&E to borrow up to $6 billion bailout – ABC

Cal Fire says the cameras did record the fire but did not set off an alert when it started. Cal Fire had the alarm feature turned off. – CBS

Air tankers waited until 1 p.m to start dropping retardant. Residents accustomed to firefighting air tankers lumbering overhead wondered about the missing roar the day the Camp Fire started. The general manager of Air Spray, a company that has air tankers at the Chico Municipal Airport, said his offer to help fight the fire was turned down. – ER

Why did fire investigators remove a piece of PG&E transmission tower in Camp Fire probe? – EBT

There is a possibility PAID arsonists are starting some wildfires?

Former Firefighter Sentenced To Six Years In Arson Ring

Who started 236 wildfires in the first week of the 2019 CA wildfire season?

Arson suspect had been under surveillance by Cal Fire before arrest for starting Clayton Fire

Arsonist sent fire officials threatening emails yet the Holy Fire still took place

Arson database

Breaking arson database

This energy company starts California wildfires, and gets away with it

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