5 presidents warned Americans about the deep state


Our country was hi-jacked in 1956 and probably even before that. A few people have gotten into power and they have the power to keep the President and Congress out of the loop. The deep state is unconstitutional, criminal, and mostly unelected. The deep state is embedded in our intelligence agencies, government, multi-national corporations, banking, the media, secret societies, Hollywood, and more. Generally speaking, the deep state is also known as, the military-industrial complex, the powers that be, shadow government, the iron triangle, the rogue government, the establishment, the swamp, the 1%, and the secret government.

Here are our 5 presidents:

Truman’s sinister CIA – CIA

Reagan’s iron triangle – LA TIMES

President Trump takes aim at the ‘criminal deep state’– FOX NEWS

JFK’S secret societies – JFK LIBRARY

Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex – VIDEO

Here are 5 of many examples of the deep state:

JFK files: The CIA plotted to kill Castro, stage bombings inMiami – CBS

New FBI release on Clinton email probe refers to ‘The 7th Floor Group‘ or ‘The Shadow Government.’ -- CNBC

Military eyes child sex-assault solution without Congress -- AP

DOJ official dodges ‘secret society’ questions -- CNN VIDEO

The CIA’s illegal human experiments – HISTORY CHANNEL

Top Secret America

Top Secret America

The Secret Government

The Secret Government The Constitution in Crisis by Bill Moyers


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