2019 CA Wildfire Coverage

2019 CA Wildfire Coverage

“Broad strokes, we are stepping up our game. I hear you, I get it, we have to do more.” — California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Not nearly enough of air tankers – not nearly enough of anything

Jet tankers could do touch and load water landing in lakes! – Oh, I forgot – we don’t have any of those jets!

The government is not prepared for wildfires. States should have at least 3x the air fleets and equipment they currently have.

California should have a large fleet of air supertankers and tankers that can land in lakes. as it is now, tankers have to fly to a major airport to get water. Takes an hour to refuel? flying time back to the fire. In the case of Clearlake, CA –  everything could have been done from the lakes!!

Гидросамолет Бе-200 Гидроавиасалон 2010 часть 1 Амфибия Be-200 Hydro Air Show 2010 part 1

Commentary: The wildfires have begun almost on cue with PG&E warnings. As soon as PG&E issues a red flag warning in California, the wildfires begin. The most important information is documenting the wildfires point of origin. Yet, the public rarely receives this information from Cal Fire until a year later. Where are the pictures/video of the point of origin? Where is a theoretic explanation of what started the wildfire? Where is the witness testimony? The public deserves some information.

Proposed wildfire board could operate partly in secret

PG&E power lines cause of wildfire near King City: Cal Fire

Officials have purposely allowed the #EastFire to burn for 9 days now with no air tanker support

Who started 236 wildfires in the first week of the 2019 CA wildfire season?

Did an arsonist target Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park?

California’s largest wildfire was caused by a hammer (no proof given), Cal Fire says right as the 2019 wildfire season starts

PG&E says transformers in Bay Area can’t cope with heat waves – They seem to work fine in all the other states

PG&E still causing wildfires – Mt. Tamalpais wildfire burns patch at PG&E pole

#Paumafire – The official cause per the Incident Commander has determined to be a contract worker repairing phone lines.

One 747 supertanker for the entire US!

747 SuperTanker #944

With satellites, we can now detect wildfires the moment they start! EarthNow Website

Most Colorado wildfires are preventable, so why are they still happening? – 9NEWS

Detecting wildfires at the earliest possible moment – NBC

There’s something not right about the California wildfires