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Gabby Petito: Mainstream media’s shameful sensationalism?

Source: Gabby Petito: Brian Laundrie search continues as her family retrieves memorial items: LIVE UPDATES

Possible antigravity craft leaked video?

Why does mainstream media not show blue light flashes over the 2021 Mexico earthquake?

Source: Youtube keywords show no MSM coverage of blue lights over Mexico Power flashes seen in Mexico as powerful earthquake hits the city. #mexico #earthquake — TAHA IQBAL (@MTAHAIQBAL1) September 8, 2021

China working on constructing miles-wide ‘ultra-large’ spacecraft | Sky News

Source: China working on constructing miles-wide ‘ultra-large’ spacecraft | Science & Tech News | Sky News A government research organisation in China has outlined plans to design and build “ultra-large” spacecraft, potentially miles-wide and assembled piecemeal in space. The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has recently published a five-year plan articulating the “urgent […]

Navy Device Prevents People From Talking – Nonlethal Weapon

Source: The Navy Invented a Device to Prevent People From Talking The U.S. Navy has invented a new device to prevent people from speaking, one that people with siblings will recognize instantly. The handheld acoustic hailing and disruption device records a person’s speech and spits it back out again, disrupting their concentration and discouraging them […]